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Selected Articles

[1] “CEO Political Ideology and Mergers and Acquisitions Decisions” with Ahmed Elnahas Journal of Corporate Finance, 2017 Vol 45. pages: 162-175 (

[2] “Ex-Post Stock Return Behavior of Corporate Restructurings and Corporate Control” with Tih Koon Tan, Review of Accounting and Finance, 2016 Vol 15 Issue: 4, pages: 484-498 (

[3] “How Entrenched Managers Beat Earnings Expectations Before and After SOX” with Rachel Graefe-Anderson, Mark K. Pyles,and Weishen Wang,  The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2014 Vol. 54 Issue: 1, pages: 82-91 (

[4] “The Effect of R&D Investment on Market Value of Firms: Evidence from U.S., Germany and Japan” with Sung C. Bae, Multinational Business Review, 2003 Vol. 11 Issue: 3, pages:51 – 76 (

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