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Marketplace is most beneficial to those departments where the deposits are for the same items time and again, but is still available for items purchased far less frequently. If customers are paying online, this will eliminate the need for the paperwork normally prepared to deposit at the Business Office. The funds will go directly into the designated FAMIS accounts.  Feel free to view the Introduction Presentation above to get a jump start and get answers to some basic questions you may already have. A representative from Fiscal Affairs is available to meet to discuss details or your department’s future eCommerce goals.

Here is the link to our Main Marketplace Mall. The majority of departments have chosen to leave their uStore pay sites visible on this site where all payment sites look relatively uniform. In reviewing the various stores and products, you can see the stores and products can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.  However, if you already have an existing customized website, similar to Javelina Club (then click on Join Today in left margin), you also have the option of not showing it on the main mall area and may use Marketplace only to provide a payment platform for your participants. These alternate uPay sites are fully customizable with HTML coding to look more like your custom webpages. We will work with your web specialist in making these special connections.

The links above will take you to actual production sites. You may certainly add items to your cart to get a feel of what the customers experience. Just stop before entering a real credit card number! We also have a test simulation that departments can choose to complete before creating actual sites. The test site updates in real time; so you will be able to see the changes you’ve made to your site immediately and others will not be able to see your work in progress. We do also allow student workers to access Marketplace on behalf of your department to create and modify the merchant and store settings. Everyone designated will be given an individual UserID and password.

Payment Methods Accepted:

Electronic Check: Electronic payments require a bank routing number and account number. You cannot use corporate checks, i.e. credit cards, home equity, traveler's check, etc.

Credit/Debit Cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. The following networks are supported. Debit cards issued by Bank of America, US Bank, and Wells Fargo often cannot be processed as a debit card online.


For more information on how to get started, please contact marketplace@tamuk.edu


Marketplace 6.0 Users Guide *Basic Functionality

Marketplace 6.0 CSS Guide *Used for HTML Programming

Texas State Comptroller's Website - Sales Tax FAQ

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