Study Collections

The Conner Museum's collections include many more artifacts than those on exhibit; due to limited space, only 10-15% of the Museum's collection can be displayed.

The Museum's holdings include textiles (including a large clothing collection); carriages; farm equipment; paintings and fine art; furniture and decorative arts; antique firearms; coins and currency; anthropologic materials (including pottery, projectile points, and basketry); dishware; and much more--"everything from buggies to baby bottles!"

The collections are available for study by students and serious researchers within Museum areas by appointment. Interested Faculty or researchers should contact the Museum at least two weeks before the anticipated research date to schedule their visit.

This is just a small selection of the many artifacts in the Museum's collection...

A&I Beanie Portrait of Henrietta King, 1920, Solomon Salomon
Amethyst Crystals Clarinet from Concordia (TX) Community Band, 1920s
Banknote from French Indochina (now Vietnam), c1928-1938 Iron Halberd Point, Presumably Spanish, New Spain Manufacture
Mimbres Pottery, c1400 A.D. Mimeoscope, A.B. Dick Co., 1920-1930
Eyeglasses, c1900-1910 German Officer's Schirmmutze (Peaked Cap), WWII

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