Faculty and Staff

Haley Coleman, M.S., CCC/SLP, Assistant Professor of Practice

Christine FiestasPh.D., CCC/SLP, Assistant Professor, CSDO Program Director

Lydia Hernandez-PerezM.S., CCC/SLP, Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of CSDO Clinic 

Lakshmi Kollara Sunil, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, Assistant Professor

Maura Krestar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Leveling Advisor

Stephen D. Oller, Ph.D., Professor

Alan L. Seitel, Ph.D, CCC/SLP, FAAMR, Associate Professor of Practice

Cynthia Strubhart, Senior Administrative Coordinator I

Eric Swartz, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator, Interim CSDO Department Co-Chair               

Adjunct Faculty

Shari S. Beams, Ph.D. CCC/Aud, Lecturer

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