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Communication (COMM)

1307. Introduction to the Mass Media. (COMM 1307)
3(3-0)Mass communication in modern society. Communication processes, legal consideration and social implications.

2309. Editing. (COMM 2309)
3(2-3)Theory and practice in copyreading, proofreading, headline writing, page layout and design, picture editing and news staff supervision. Extensive practice with electronic copy processing systems.
Prerequisite: COMM 2311

2311. Newswriting. (COMM 2311)
3(2-3)Theory and practice of newswriting and relationships with sources. Lectures and assignments covering news for print and electronic media. Discussions of journalistic ethics and other problems confronting reporters.
Prerequisites: ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302

3301. Reporting.
3(2-3)Theory and practice in news gathering and writing; types and techniques of public affairs reporting.  Lab assignments include coverage of university departments and activities, municipal and county government, schools and courts for The South Texan. Lab requires use of computers as editing terminals and data bases.
Prerequisite: COMM 2309

3308. Radio and Television News and Script Writing.
3(3-0)Writing correctness, clarity and style in radio and television: includes collecting, writing and editing news, continuity, drama, address and commercial copy.

4306. Selected Topics in Communications.
3(3-0)Literature and research in areas of communication. Includes such topics as international press, yearbook production, semantics, and history of public address. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.
Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of communication, journalism and/or speech

4317. Mass Media, the Public and the Law.
3(3-0)Legal and ethical limitation and responsibilities of the mass media, relationship and interaction between broadcaster, governmental regulatory agencies and the public.
Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of journalism and/or radio-tv

4391. Independent Study in Communication.      V;1-3
Intensive work in a special area of the student’s major or minor. A maximum of 6 semester hours of credit in independent study may be applied toward graduation.
Prerequisite: 6 semester hours in communication, speech or journalism

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