General Information

Chemistry at Texas A&M University-Kingsville is distinct; the department has it's own style and character setting it apart from any other university chemistry department in South Texas. We are established and offer everything from a highly intensive laboratory experience, departmental ACS certification, to faculty specializing in various chemistry disciplines, as well as undergraduate and graduate research on various topics.

Our laboratory facilities are complete with all necessary chemical equipment. State of the art instrumentation and chemical setups are always available. The labs are relatively small, no larger that 24 people in each section, so the laboratory teaching assistants are always available and are able to have one on one relationship with the students.

Currently we have nine chemistry faculty members who specialize in all areas of the discipline such as analytical, environmental, organic, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, and teacher education. Faculty members are currently conducting research in areas such as: organic synthesis, inorganic synthesis, nerve regeneration, programmed cell death, computerized instrument design, and gas phase kinetics.

The chemistry department here at A&M-Kingsville is the best in the South Texas region, and it has an award winning student chapter of the American Chemical Society. For anyone looking for a top-notch education in chemistry, this is the perfect place to study, and in addition to all that, it is a fun, comfortable, and nurturing environment to begin a career. The professors are easily approachable and the students here are friendly and supportive. So to answer the initial question, our style is: A chemistry department that actually cares about its students.

The Department provides American Chemical Society (ACS) approved professional training for those students who wish to become professional chemists, industrial chemists, teachers, or wish to pursue a graduate degree. The Department also provides an integral background for students who are interested in science and desire the B.S., B.A., or M.S. degree to enter non-chemistry fields. The Department provides certain service courses for other departments whose subject matter is based, in part, on the fundamentals of chemistry. The faculty will strive to provide the quality education needed for these students to succeed in their endeavors.

This page was last updated on: January 12, 2016