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Certification of Completion of Courses

For students who entered Grade 9 before 2007-08 School Year


The Texas Legislature established new requirements for student eligibility for admission to any Texas public university under the Uniform Admissions Policy (Texas Education Code §§51.803-51.809). House Bill 3826 (80th Legislature) requires that all students complete at least the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) in order to be eligible for consideration for admission to a public university. However, students applying to Texas A&M University-Kingsville may qualify for admission by completing a portion of the Recommended High School Program (or the Distinguished Achievement Program), by completing high school course work that is equivalent in content or rigor, or by meeting other qualifications. These changes became effective on September 1, 2009.

The Texas Higher Education Coordination Board (THECB) has produced two forms for applicants applying to Texas A&M University-Kingsville. The form displayed below should only be used for students who entered grade 9 before the 2007-2008 school year.


A student may be considered for admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville if the student has completed the Recommended High School Program or its equivalent, the Distinguished Achievement Program (also known as the Advanced High School Program) or its equivalent, or has achieved college readiness scores on the ACT or SAT entrance exams. Students who attend schools that do not offer the Recommended or Distinguished Program or who have completed only a portion of the Recommended or Distinguished Achievement Program because not all of the required courses are not available to the student (for example, home schools, private schools and out-of-state schools), may still be eligible for admission to Texas A&M University- Kingsville.


High school administrators should follow the steps below for each student applying to Texas A&M University-Kingsville who was unable to complete the Recommended High School Program (or the Distinguished Achievement Program):

If the student’s exemption is based on coursework taken, complete the right-hand column of the degree plan (page 2 of this form) indicating the courses that the student will complete or has already completed.

  1. Complete the certification page (page 3 of this form)
  2. Submit page 2 (if needed to indicate coursework taken) and page 3 to:
Office of Admission
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
MSC 128
700 University Blvd.
Kingsville, TX 78363-8202
Or by fax to: 361-593-5509

Please Note: In order for a student to be considered for admission, this form is required for any student whose high school transcript does not include that he or she is on track to complete the Recommended High School Program or the Distinguished Achievement Program. This form, along with all other credentials to be considered for admission, must be on file with our office. Please visit for further information.


Student Name:___________________________                           UIN:____________________                                               

Program of Study


Did this student take an equivalent of these courses?

English, Language Arts, and Reading - 4 credits


English I, II, III, IV;

English I and II for Speakers of Other Languages (SOL) may be substituted for English I and II only for immigrant students with limited English proficiency

[ ] yes [ ] no


Math - 3 credits

Required: Algebra I, II, & Geometry

[ ] yes [ ] no

Science - 3 credits

No more than 1 credit from each area: (One credit must be a Biology credit)

1) Biology, AP Biology, or IB Biology

2) Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)

3) Chemistry, AP Chemistry, or IB Chemistry

4) Physics, Principles of Technology I, AP Physics, or IB Physics

[ ] yes [ ] no


Social Studies
3 1/2 credits

World History Studies (one credit) World Geography Studies (one credit) U.S. History Studies Since Reconstruction (one credit) U.S. Government (one-half credit)

[ ] yes [ ] no

Economics - 1/2 credit

Economics with emphasis on the free enterprise system and its benefits

[ ] yes [ ] no


Physical Education 1 1/2 credit

To include Foundations of Personal Fitness (one half credit). The following may be substituted for the 5 physical education courses available: drill team, marching band, cheerleading, ROTC, athletics, Dance I-IV, approved private programs, or certain career and technical education courses. There currently is no limit to number of credits or substitutions allowed*

[ ] yes [ ] no


Fine Arts - 1 credit

Course may be found in 19 TAC Chapter 117

[ ] yes [ ] no

Languages Other Than English 
2 credits

Must consist of Level I and Level II in the same language

[ ] yes [ ] no

Speech - 1/2 credit

Communication Applications is required** (This course may also be counted as an elective.)

[ ] yes [ ] no

Technology Applications
1 credit

Course may be found in 19 TAC Chapter 74.53 (b) (10)

[ ] yes [ ] no

3 1/2 credits

Communication Applications may be counted towards the six elective credits. Select courses from the list approved by SBOE for grades 9-12 (relating to Essential Knowledge and Skills), state approved innovative courses, JROTC (one to four credits), or Driver Education (one-half credit)

[ ] yes [ ] no


Total- 24 credits


[ ] yes [ ] no

 Important notes:

  • Courses marked as “AP” are Advanced Placement courses; those marked “IB” are International Baccalaureate courses.
  • Student s interested in majoring in architecture, business, geosciences, science, and engineering at Texas A&M University- Kingsville are encouraged to take math each year of high school culminating with a higher level math course for which Algebra II is a prerequisite.

Student Name:____________________________                       UIN:____________________                


Certification for Admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville

I hereby certify one of the following statements for the student named above:

(1) The courses taken by the student are equivalent in content and rigor to courses in the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) or Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) outlined in Texas Education Code, §28.025, and 19 Texas Administrative Code, §§74.63 and 74.64.

(2) The student completed only a portion of the RHSP or DAP and those courses are equivalent in content and rigor to the courses indicated in the table above. The student only completed a portion of the RHSP or DAP solely because courses necessary to complete the remainder of the program were unavailable to the student at the appropriate times in the student’s high school career as a result of one or more of the following (select any/all that apply):

  • Course scheduling; 
  • Lack of enrollment capacity; or 
  • Another cause not within the student’s control as specified below (please state):





(3) The student satisfies the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACT assessment
(NOTE: Official scores must be submitted to the Office of Admission at Texas A&M University-Kingsville).

(4) The student earned a score of at least a 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT assessment
(NOTE: Official scores must be submitted to the Office of Admission at Texas A&M University-Kingsville).



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