Alumni Recruitment Team

Texas A&M University-Kingsville Alumni Recruitment Team (ART) is a program of the Office of Admission to further strengthen our recruitment program. As an alumnus, you have the opportunity to bring enthusiasm, experience and a unique perspective to a new generation of prospective Texas A&M-Kingsville students. Any investment of your time adds to the successful future of the university and will be greatly appreciated by new students, their families and your alma mater. 

We sincerely hope that that you decide to become an ART volunteer to make this program successful for Texas A&M-Kingsville, our prospective students, families and you. This is a great way to give back to your alma mater!

How can I help?

ART offers a variety of options for its volunteers, depending on different interests and available time. These exciting options include:

Refer prospective students
 The admission office is continually looking for prospective Texas A&M- Kingsville students. As alumni, you are familiar with our academic programs and  sense of community on campus.  You are an excellent resource for recommending  potential students. Referring students to Texas A&M-Kingsville is a way to help  our admission office year round. If you know of a student within your local area  that might be interested in everything Texas A&M-Kingsville has to offer, simply  complete the Alumni Referral Form (located in the back of this packet) and an  admission counselor will contact your prospective student. 
 Attend college fairs
  Texas A&M-Kingsville receives many invitations to college fairs throughout the  year but unfortunately the admission staff cannot be present at all of these fairs.  You can help by representing Texas A&M-Kingsville at college fairs when the  admission staff is unable to attend. College fairs are normally held during the fall  (September through November) and also during the spring (March through May).  You are also more than welcome to join our admission representatives at fairs  they attend in your local areas.

Adopt a high school
ART volunteers who have strong connections to their local high schools can assist by being a liaison between those high schools and Texas A&M-Kingsville. Activities would include visiting high schools to update recruitment materials and meet with prospective students, guidance counselors, teachers and parents.

Communicate with prospective students
ART volunteers can communicate with prospective students throughout the admission process. You can write e-mails, personal notes, or make phone calls to students who have similar academic and career interests, who have been accepted to Texas A&M-Kingsville, or someone you met at a college fair. This activity adds a personal touch for the students during the admission process.

Look for more opportunities to come
 As ART efforts expand, please check back with the admission office to learn  about other exciting opportunities to help your alma mater! Some future projects  may include work with scholarship dinners and regional accepted student  receptions. 

What is the time commitment? 

Involvement in ART continues year-round; however, your time commitment depends on the activities you choose to be involved in and the interest level of prospective students in your area. The commitment you make towards ART is in your hands.  

How do I become an ART volunteer?

We invite you to become a member of this exciting program at Texas A&M-Kingsville.  To help us create a presence in your area and build on our university's tradition of excellence, please complete the ART Volunteer Interest Form located in the back of this packet. A representative from our admission office will contact you to discuss volunteer options, preferences and guidelines. After this conversation you will be able to start your recruitment efforts for Texas A&M-Kingsville.

What comes next?        

If you decide to become an ART volunteer, the Office of Admission will invite you to a web training session which will highlight what you can do to help. You will also be given a publication entitled Texas A&M University-Kingsville Guide to Alumni Recruitment. This guide will walk you through the specific program(s) for which you have volunteered, assist you during your web training and provide pertinent information for all volunteer recruiters - trustees, faculty, staff, alumni and students.  It provides answers to frequently asked questions about academic programs, admission requirements, enrollment procedures, financial aid, scholarships, student services and residential life. The guide also contains information about the recruiting and admission process, as well as information needed to facilitate effective communication between you, prospective students and their parents and the admission office.

For more information, contact Miguel Briseno
361-593-4107 or

Texas A&M University-Kingsville Office of Admission

This page was last updated on: September 14, 2015