College Level Examination Program Examination and Course Equivalency Guide (CLEP)

CLEP is a local standardized examination administered on computer. Examinees receive immediate score reports for all exams with some exceptions. Credit by CLEP examinations is available in the courses listed below to any A&M-Kingsville students at any time during their college career. The exception is that students will not be eligible for credit in a course for which they have received credit in a more advanced course unless otherwise designated by the chair of the department in which the subject is offered. Both general and subject examinations are offered through the Testing Office. Information on time, examination fees and location for these tests may be obtained from the Testing Office at 361-593-3303.

A&M-Kingsville Equivalent Subject Examinations   Minimum Score
ACCT 2301 (3 Cr) Intro Accounting 50
BIOL 1306*, BIOL 1307* (6 Cr) General Biology 50
CHEM 1311*, CHEM 1312* (6 Cr) General Chemistry 50
ECON 2301 (3 Cr) Intro Macroeconomics 50
HIST 1301 (3 Cr) American History I 56
HIST 1302 (3 Cr) American History II 57
MKTG 3324 (3 Cr) Principles of Marketing 50
MATH 2413 (4 Cr) Calculus with Elementary Functions 50
MATH 1314 (3 Cr) College Algebra 50
MATH 1348 (3 Cr) Precalculus 50
MGMT 3322 (3 Cr) Principles of Management 50
POLS 2301 (3 Cr) American Government 63
PSYC 2301 (3 Cr) General Psychology 50
SOCI 1301 (3 Cr) Intro Sociology 50
SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314 (6 Cr) Spanish 50

*Students must take Biology Lab 1106 and 1107 to receive lab credit.

*Students must take Chemistry Lab 1111 and 1112 to receive lab credit.

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