Texas Commission on Law Enforcement



The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement issues licenses to peace officers, county jailers, telecommunicators,  and a certificate to investigative hypnotists. In each case, an applicant must meet certain training and examination standards prior to licensing. The licensing examination follows required training or its equivalent, and each is an independent licensing requirement.

Examinee Requirements

 To be eligible to sit for an examination, an examinee must:

(1) Bring to the examination site, and display upon request, identification issued by the state or federal government with the examinee's photograph;

(2) Know their correct TCOLE PID;

(3) Report on time.

Photo identification may be:

(1) Valid Driver's License (preferred);

(2) Law Enforcement Agency identification with photo;

(3) United states government issued photo identification.

Examination Time limit and number of Questions

Type of Examinee Number of Questions Time Limit
Peace Officer 250 2 3/4 hour
Jailer 100 1.5 hour
Hypnosis 100 1.5 hour
Police Officer to Jailer 100

1.5 hour

Telecommunicators 50

1 hour

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Testing Fee

The regular test registration fee is $26.00. All fees must be paid 24 hours in advance. All fees are non-refundable. Fees can be paid via Credit or Debit cards and can be used at our online store only. 

Test Results 

Examinees will receive a computerized printout of results immediately after the exam. Included will be an analysis showing results for each topic.

Accommodation Policy

Individuals with diagnosed disabilities may request reasonable accommodations PRIOR to the scheduling of the INITIAL licensing examination per applicable laws. Special accommodations will NOT be granted after the third failed attempt.

Request for an accommodation shall be made in a written, notarized format 90 days prior to scheduling a licensing examination, preferably before an endorsement is issued. These requests should be submitted to TCOLE for review and determination. Request responses will be mailed no later than 60 days after receipt of request.

Individuals must submit the request for accommodation along with any requested documents to:


Attend: Examinations

6330 US Highway 290, East, Suit 200

Austin, Texas 78723

 for more information, please visit http://www.tcole.texas.gov

This page was last updated on: August 22, 2018