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The Texas Higher Education Assessment Test provides information about the reading, mathematics and writing skills.

The college of education at TAMUK and other universities in Texas may use this assessment for the education preparation program (EPP).

TAMUK college of education website : www.tamuk.edu/cehp/ceps/epp.html


The Texas Higher Education Assessment Test provides information about the reading, mathematics and writing skills. The College of Education may use this assessment for the Education Preparation Program (EPP). Please visit with your Academic Advisor. As of August 26, 2013, THEA is no longer used for university/college placement or as an assessment for TSI. Please visit the Office of Student Success for the new TSI assessment.

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Test Fees

A $21.00 non-refundable test registration fee must be paid prior to the test day (in office-cash or money order, payable to TAMUK or online with a credit card @ www.tamuk.edu/academictesting ) to reserve a seat for the exam. Examinees will need to visit http://THEA.starttest.com and create an account. You will pay the $29 THEA fee online when you create your account. A free sample test is available at http://THEA.starttest.com – select “About the THEA Practice Test”. The THEA iBT exam is 4 hours.

ID requirement

You must present two (2) forms of personal identification, one of which is photographic identification, to the test center. You will not be allowed to test without proper identification.


Once the THEA ibt is taken, you must wait 14 days to re-test (15th day). Otherwise, your scores may be invalid. 

Calculator Policy 

THEA-IBT examinees will have the use of an on-screen calculator during the mathematics section. 


After the examinee completes the test, he/she may view a score report on the computer screen. This score report will not include the Writing Section score. In most cases, complete scoring, including the Writing Section, will be available once the Writing Sample is scored, which will take up to ten minutes. An examinee may access the complete score report at http://THEA.starttest.com by logging into his/her account. From time to time, the computer may be unable to assign a score to the writing sample. The examinee will have to access the score in two (2) business days by logging into their account.

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