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The Texas Higher Education Assessment Test provides information about the reading, mathematics and writing skills. The college of education at TAMUK and other universities in Texas may use this assessment for the education preparation program (EPP).

TAMUK college of education website : www.tamuk.edu/cehp/ceps/epp.html

About the Test

The Quick THEA is a paper and pencil exam. The test allots five hours for all three sections of the test. The sections of the test may be taken in any order or individually. The Quick THEA test is scheduled once a month. Summer session testing may vary. Please call the Academic Testing Center at for the next available testing date. Registration will be accepted until the day before the exam pending availability. 

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Who should Take the THEA test

  • Students entering a Texas public college or university many need to take the THEA test before enrolling in any college-level coursework if they are not TSI(Texas Success Initiative) complete(please check with your high school counsel0r whether or not you are exempt). For testing you may contact either the testing office or the advising office at the Texas College or University you currently attend or plan to attend.
  • Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Students.
  • All students seeking admission to a state-approved Texas educator preparation program or alternative certification program are required to demonstrate college-level skills in reading, oral and written communication, critical thinking, and mathematics. All educator preparation students should contact their educator preparation programs directly to determine admission requirements.
  • Educators revalidating their teaching certificates.

Test Fees

A $21.00 non-refundable test registration fee must be paid prior to the test day by cash or money order, payable to TAMUK to reserve a seat for the exam. The test fee is $29.00, payable to NES on the day of the exam by check, money order or credit card. No CASH is accepted. This payment needs to be brought on the testing day. The examinee’s Social Security number needs to be on the check/money order. There are no refunds. Fees are only good for the testing date that you are registered. 

Once the Quick THEA is taken, you must wait 30 days to re-test on the Quick THEA form. Otherwise, your scores may be invalid. However, you may take the next scheduled standard THEA or a THEA Computer Administered Test (CAT).

Information to applicants

  • Applicants must present a valid Driver’s License or TEXAS ID upon admission to the test.
  • No admittance will be allowed once the exam has started.
  • Allow 7 to 10 working days to receive scores from the test date.

Special Accommodations 

Special Accommodations are only granted during the national test dates. You can fill out a form at the official THEA website.

Additional Resources

For additional information, including study material if available, go to http://www.thea.nesinc.com.

This page was last updated on: June 17, 2014