Exam Proctoring

The Academic Testing Center offers exam proctoring free of charge for online TAMUK courses for which proctoring is required.  The Center also offers exam proctoring for all students taking a course(s) at another college/university.  Other services include company or state certification exams and employment exams.  As an alternative, the Academic Testing Center also offers instructor agreed-upon proctoring for current TAMUK students for make-up exams.  This service is at the expense of the student. 

A proctor is present for the entire length of the exam.  We can accommodate computer-based and Paper & Pencil testing. 

Please click here for detailed printable information.


The registration form and faculty form are available to download online. Completed forms can be emailed to testing@tamuk.edu. Three day advanced notice of the test date and time requested is required or an additional service fee of $25 is added.

ATTN: You must get approval from Academic Testing Center and fill out the forms before you register and pay. The date you request may not be available!

Administration Fees

Standard fee:   $26.00

Reduced fee for TAMUK students taking courses at another college/university:  $16.00 (you must present your TAMUK I.D. on day of testing)

Examinees must present a valid I.D. on the day of testing. 

Fees are based on a two-hour exam.  An additional service fee of half the original fee is required for all time past the two hours.  Fees can be paid online with a credit card, debit card or check. 

If payment is made before approval is given, no refund will be available.

Please refer to the refund policy

Test Administration

Examinees are responsible for contacting their professor and/or the distance learning department at their designated college/university to verify and coordinate your test dates and times. Testing materials or information about the test can be emailed or mailed to the Academic Testing Center Supervisor. The examinee should call a day before the test to confirm the proctor date and time of their test. Employers or State/Government agencies may contact the Academic Testing Center to schedule an exam.


All examinees must present a valid and current I.D.  Acceptable forms of I.D. include a state I.D., state issued driver’s license, military I.D., passport, or student I.D.


The Academic Testing Center is only responsible for administering and proctoring the exam. The testing center is not responsible for verifying scores or grades.

This page was last updated on: October 1, 2018