News & Updates

1. New Test dates for FALL 2018 are now available.

2. TCEQ-  For more information, please visit http//

3. TSI and Accuplacer - Please visit for registration dates and times. 

4. ACT Residual (Admission) - Please visit for registration, dates and times.

5. THEA iBT is no longer being offered at the ATC as of September 1, 2017 . Effective March 1,2016,  THEA, Accuplacer, and others are no longer acceptable as admission or demonstration of basic skills determination. The process of determining applicant's basic skills has been aligned with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requirements identified in Chapter 4 of TAC.  Many of the TSI exemptions such as identified scores on SAT or ACT exams, a conferred Bachelor's Degree and others are still acceptable demonstrations of basic skills.  The TSI assessment is the only identified assessment that is now acceptable.  For additional information, please visit

6. GED - please visit to create a profile, for information, register and pay for exam.

7. CLEP - Please visit  and click on My Account to create a profile, register, pay and designate what university/college you want to receive your scores.  The fee is $85 per exam.  Effective July 1, 2018, the fee for a CLEP exam will be $87. The ATC non-refundable administration fee of $21 and scheduling the exam at the testing center are done @ and is required.

8. For TOEFL , if you are not testing in your country of origin, you need to bring your passport on the day of the examination. A copy or any other ID is not acceptable.

This page was last updated on: September 28, 2018