Shorter Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. Jack Shorter

Professor Jack Shorter's success in the classroom and in research makes him unique. Faculty often specialize in teaching or conducting research.  In Professor Shorter's case, we have both.  In 2011 Professor Shorter received the CBA's Outstanding Teacher award, as well as had multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.
As with many CBA instructors, Professor Shorter brings the knowledge gained through research into his classroom, enhancing the students' experience.   Since completing his doctorate at Oklahoma State University, (majoring in Business Education), at the College of Business Administration in July 1984, Dr. Shorter has published 61 articles in numerous journals, computer industry news magazines, and professional computer organization publications.

A list of publication sources include: the Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems Technology & Planning, Journal of Systems Management, Business Insights, Health Care Supervisor, Office Systems Research Journal, Journal of Education for Business, Southwestern Business Administration Journal, Journal of International Business Management & Research, Central Business Review, Journal of Information Technology Impact, Issues in Information Systems, International Journal of Business and Social Science, Inside DPMA, and Network World.

Dr. Shorter is especially pleased with the 13 journal articles published in the Journal of Computer Information Systems, a top journal in the information systems discipline.  He is also quite delighted with the two articles he published in the Journal of Education for Business, which when published was the top journal for business education related manuscripts. Through the years, Dr. Shorter has enjoyed working with talented students on numerous research projects.  Dr. Shorter has been instrumental in helping 16 graduate students and 22 undergraduate students become published. 

In 2011, Dr. Shorter and his co-authors had three refereed journal articles published. In 2012, Dr. Shorter and his co-authors published an additional four refereed journal articles.  So far in 2013, Dr. Shorter has published two additional journal articles. Currently he has five working papers in various stages of preparation for publication.

In addition to Dr. Shorter’s numerous journal articles, he has also published 63 papers in conference proceedings, given over 45 paper presentations at numerous regional, national and international conferences, co-authored a book chapter, co-authored a workbook, and published 3 refereed conference abstracts.  Dr. Shorter has been teaching at the university level for over 33 years, with the last 20 being here at Texas A&M University–Kingsville.

Teaching and research, these are two key contributions made by College of Business Administration faculty to students and their profession. Professor Shorter is one example of the success enjoyed by Texas A&M-Kingsville business faculty. 

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