Economic Forums statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose

Local economic conditions have been the focus of the Economic Forum offered by the College of Business Administration. The Forum, which brings together business managers, educators, and community leaders, was held in the spring of 2012, 2013, spring and fall of 2014. Since then, it has been one of the primary fall outreaches of the College of Business Administration.

The following lists the Economic Forum’s guest speakers and their topics. 

  • Spring 2012, Dr. Keith Phillips, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas-San Antonio Branch, National economic conditions     
  • Spring 2013, Dr. Keith Phillips, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas-San Antonio Branch, National Economic Conditions: Updated     
  • Spring 2014, Mr. Vincent Capell, Kingsville City Manager’s Office, Planning by the City of Kingsville, Texas     
  • Fall 2014, Ms. Barbara Canales, Corpus Christi Port Authority, Tonnage shipped through port and expansion plans     
  • Fall 2015, Ms. Judy Hawley, Corpus Christi Port Authority, Tonnage and diversity of products shipped     
  • Fall 2016, Mr. Aaron Farmer, Retail Coach, Factors considered by expanding firms     
  • Fall 2017, Dr. Steve Murdock, U.S. Bureau of the Census, Demographic impacts on business and education    

Regional economic conditions have been presented by Tom Krueger, Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration Professor of Finance, who is the initial recipient of the J.R. Manning Endowed Professor of Innovation in Business Education designation. Kleberg Bank has provided funding for this project.  

In 2012, Kleberg County’s economic conditions were compared to that of two adjacent counties, Brooks County and Jim Wells County. In 2013, Kleberg County’s economic conditions over the past forty years were examined. In spring 2014, Kleberg County was compared to two Coastal Bend counties with similar populations, Aransas County and Bee County. At the Fall 2014 forum, an analysis of the impact of oil and natural gas production in the closest county with drilling (Live Oak County), was compared to Kleberg County and the in-between Jim Wells County. The 2015 Forum contrasted economic conditions of Kleberg County to that of Randall County (home of West Texas A&M University) and Waller County (home to Prairie View A&M University), as a way to expand upon the economic impact study completed for all Texas A&M Universities which was completed in the spring of 2015. In the fall of 2016, Kleberg County was compared to the two Texas counties with the next largest populations. With five years of comprehensive data, the fall 2017 report compared economic conditions since the initial Economic Forum.

A highlight of the presentations is the sharing of results from a survey of business managers, local residents and Texas A&M-Kingsville students. Findings of the 2017 survey showed that managers had a more positive perspective regarding the U.S. economy, local economy, and personal economy of the 2012-2017 period. Looking forward, managers had a more positive opinion regarding the U.S. economy, while students had more positive forecasts for local economy and their own personal economy.  The greatest perceive improvement regarding support shown to local businesses was among local residents, while managers are seeking greater support, especially from the local community. As in prior years, education options were the top concern, among all three categories, with health care and housing falling into the next two ranks. All three groups support that additional funding be dedicated to street improvement and enhancing the public system. Perhaps as a consequence of the large fire in downtown Kingsville, the amount of money all three groups would dedicate to fire protection more than doubled from the prior year.

Professor Krueger is willing to make presentations regarding these and similar topics at meetings of your civic organizations.

Download the 2012 report.

Download the 2013 report.

Download the 2014 report.

Download the Fall 2014 report.

Download the 2015 report.

Download the 2016 report.

Download the 2017 report.

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