Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Faculty and Staff Directory

Recipients of The Students' Choice Distinguished Teaching Award

2914 - Dr. Barbara Oates
2013 - Adria Vasquez
2013 - Dr. Kendra Huff
2012 - Jim Gaugler
2012 - Dr. Gonzalo Rivera
2011 - Dr. Jack Shorter
2010 - Dr. George Wagman
2009 - Dr. Kendra Huff
2008 - Dr. Gonzalo Rivera
2007 - Dr. Barbara Oates
2006 - Dr. George Gresham
2005 - Dr. Gonzalo Rivera
2004 - Dr. Sameer Vaidya
2003 - Dr. Neal VanZante
2001 - Dr. Gonzalo Rivera
2000 - Dr. Sameer Vaidya
1999 - Dr. George Wagman
1998 - Dr. Joe Rossman
1997 - Dr. James Kennedy
1996 - Dr. Barbara Oates
1995 - Dr. Darvin Hoffman


Natalya (Natasha) Delcoure, DBA, Dean

Martin Brittain, MBA, Assistant Dean and Interim Chair, Accounting and Finance

Selina Kieschnick, MBA, Executive Director, Development and Marketing

Cindy Longoria, B.A.A.S, Senior Advisor I

Celeste Pollock, B.F.A. &  M.S., Counseling and Guidance,

Career and Internship Placement Coordinator

Shawn Speckman, A.A.S., Technology Coordinator

Rosie Vela, Office Manager

Mary Alice Wiechman, B.F.A. & Assoc., Graphic Artist

Accounting and Finance

Hailong Jin, Ph.D., Lecturer

Paul E. Holt, Ph.D., Professor

Kendra Huff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Tom Krueger, DBA, Professor

Gonzalo Rivera, Jr., JD, Associate Professor

Genevieve Scalan, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor

Hans Schumann, Ph.D., Professor of Practice

Harmeet Singh, MBA, Lecturer

Carol Sullivan, Ph.D., Professor

Adria Vasquez, MPA, Lecturer

Priti Verma, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Management, Marketing and Information Systems

Valerie Bartelt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ashley J. Bennington, Ph.D., Associate Professor

John Cicala, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Alicia Cavazos-Garza, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ruth Chatelain-Jardon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

V. Thomas Dock,  Ph.D., Professor

Kelly Fisher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

James M. Gaugler, MBA, Lecturer

Crissy Hinojosa, MBA, Lecturer

Jonny F. Hipp, Sc.D., Adjunct Professor

Loren Kelly, MSBE, Lecturer

Barbara R. Oates, Ph.D., Professor 

Jack D. Shorter, Ed.D., Professor and Chair, Management, Marketing and Information Systems 

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